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  • 2017/03/30
    The government in Huizhou, Guangdong province, has vowed to improve water quality of 15 rivers in the following few years to create a green and modern city. More than 10 billion yuan ($1.5 billion) has been set aside for the projects, with two already completed, four underway and nine to start this ...
  • 2016/11/24
    Bike-sharing startup bluegogo displayed the sample bike in Beijing on Nov 23, 2016. [Photo by Ouyang Shijia from China Daily]A new bike sharing competitor has officially entered the ring with plans to add another 200,000 bikes to the streets of four major Chinese cities. The founder of smart bike ma...
  • 2016/10/21
    Xiaomi Corp aims to become the largest smartphone vendor in India over the next three to five years, after it sold more than 1 million handsets over just 18 days in the world's fastest-growing handset market. The announcement came shortly after the company's archrival, Huawei Technologies, confirmed...
  • 2016/10/20
    Up to 42 percent of US citizens believe now is a good time to find a quality job, the highest level in a presidential election year since 2004, according to a monthly Gallup poll released on Tuesday. The rate was higher than the levels in recent election years, which were 22 percent in 2012, 14 perc...
  • 2016/10/19
    BUENOS AIRES - Chinese electronics giant TCL Corporation plans to invest $100 million in Argentina over the next 12 months, Argentina's government announced on Tuesday.The announcement followed a meeting between Argentine President Mauricio Macri and the CEO of TCL, Li Dongsheng, at the presidential...
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